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We are aware of the technical problems being experienced on WithYou. They should be resolved soon. If you have any questions, please Contact Kara Thank you for using WithYou!

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The Easy Way to Stay In Touch Every Day!

WithYou is the easy way to stay in touch with those you love, every day!

How WithYou Works

  • WithYou sends you a daily notification reminding you to Check-In.
  • Just tap the notification and choose a message to send.
  • WithYou sends your message to the people you have chosen.

And what happens if you can’t Check-In?

  • If you miss your Check-In, your loved ones are alerted that there may be a problem


“I, and my family, really love the app. Thanks for all your help.”
- Robert

“WithYou allows me to have a sense of calm everyday, knowing that my loved one has checked in.”
- Imber

“I think this app is genius. I installed after reading a newspaper column about it.”
- Alan

“My Mom and I are each checking-in every Day. We’re enjoying it. It’s a way for us to silently say hello to each other every morning.”
- Pat

“Daily WithYou interaction has helped [Mom] feel more secure about my concern for her, so that when I do call, she is more positive and appreciative.”
- Katie

“WithYou is an exciting, pleasurable, caring means of interacting with loved ones of whatever age and situation. I like getting your virtual hugs!”
- Ray

“My daughter said one of her friends calls her mother two or three times a day. I said to her, ‘We are both too busy for you to do that.’ WithYou is great though, because it lets us touch base every day.”
- Sharon

“WithYou facilitates difficult conversation. I didn’t know how to bring up the subject of aging with my parents, but having an app we can rally around gave us a starting place to figure out necessary and important details.”
- Emma

“WithYou is one of the strongest consumer apps for older adults that I’ve evaluated in a very long time. It is so elegantly simple. It uses technology that both seniors and their family members already own. It invites intergenerational touchpoints which are critically important to every generation of user. Most important, the check-ins feel social and caring as opposed to burdensome, which older adults worry about when their children are helping them. When an app is easy, available, and fun it can have tremendous impact. That’s WithYou!”
- Lori Bitter, CEO, The Business of Aging
Author, The Grandparent Economy

Get WithYou Today! Get WithYou Today! Get WithYou Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WithYou do?
WithYou reminds you every day to Check-In with the people you choose to share with. When you respond, you let people know you are thinking about them.
How much does WithYou cost?
WithYou is 100% FREE to download and use.
How are the people I share with chosen?
You choose who you share with. If you change your mind, you can remove anyone at any time.
Do I have to Check-In in order to use WithYou?
No. You can opt to only receive notifications from people who Check-In with you.
How do I know the person I am sharing with has received my Check-in?
The people that receive your Check-in can respond to let you know they are thinking about you too.
What do I need in order to use WithYou?
You need a smartphone or tablet that runs iOS or Android and is connected to the internet. You will also need to have a unique phone number where you can receive a one-time text message.
Does everyone I share my Check-In with need to have WithYou on their device?
Yes they do. WithYou works on both iOS and Android devices.
Does everyone I share my Check-In with need to have the same type of phone or tablet as I do?
No. Any smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android will work.
Will you be making WithYou for Windows Phone or other operating systems?
Eventually we will. If you are using a device with a different operating system and really would like to use WithYou, click here to contact us and let us know! Be sure to tell us what system your device uses.

Kara Kytle: Founder

Kara Kytle


The WithYou Story

WithYou was created out of a vision that no matter what stage of life we are in, we can all be actively engaged in the lifestyle that we choose for ourselves.

This vision grew out of our Founder’s own experience as she watched her mother struggle with memory loss.

I’m a technologist, so I looked for technology solutions that would help my Mom manage the changes and stay in control.

What I found instead were systems designed to support caregivers and concerned family, not the user.

None of these are of use to someone like my Mom, who doesn’t want and should’t need caregivers.

Kara saw the human need for a system that actively supports independence and control for the user.

We see WithYou Daily Check-in as our first step to fill that gap.

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